How to Increase Performance of your Intel HD Graphics 4000 for Gaming in 2019

How to Increase Performance of your Intel HD Graphics 4000 for Gaming in 2019

Intel HD Graphics 4000 is very old and backdated. But do not let this fact make you underestimate the power of this integrated GPU by Intel. This Graphics card can handle an enormous amount of power and multi-tasking. Many laptop manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo have installed this GPU in many of their series. For example, most of the Dell INSPIRON series have integrated graphics installed.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 control panel

For playing games in 2019, one needs good gaming requirements. This is because most of the games are having a vast amount of detailed graphics. To play these games properly and render the graphics and play smoothly, one needs a lot of RAM (even 8GB of RAM is insufficient in 2019) and a good GPU. But for our case, we are stuck with our Intel HD Graphics 4000. So, how will we manage? It’s SIMPLE, just read along.

Update and Tweak your Intel HD Graphics 4000 for Performance

We all know that Intel has already stopped updating these drivers, still if you want to check if you have any updates follow the steps below –

Go to your Device Manager -> Display Adapters -> Intel HD Graphics 4000

Under the Driver Tab, click on update drivers and then on automatically search for drivers which will make windows search your latest Intel HD 4000 drivers online.

After you have completed updating your drivers, open your Intel HD Graphics Control Panel by right clicking your mouse on the desktop and clicking on graphics properties.

Go to 3D settings and change to maximum performance and enable optimal mode.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 3D control panel

Go back and click on Power setting and enable maximum performance on both cases.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 power control panel

These were the basic tweaks to slightly increase your Performance of Intel HD Graphics 4000 for Gaming in 2019.

Adjust your GAME Settings

Some Gamers need beautiful graphics for playing and some just want to play the game. for those Gamers who just want to play the game without lagging, try changing all the in-game settings to lowest or medium. Try changing the screen resolution to 800 X 600 or the lowest possible and change every value to low. These can slightly increase your FPS.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 The Witcher Enhanced Edition game video setting

The Ultimate Tip: Use modded drivers for Intel HD Graphics 4000 !!!!

Since INTEL does not provide any updates. You can try installing a modded driver.

What is Modding?

According to Wikipedia: Modding refers to the act of modifying hardware, software, or virtually anything else, to perform a function not originally conceived or intended by the designer, or achieve a bespoke specification.

Why I referred to modded drivers?

I use the modded Drivers and believe me it worked massively for me. You can search for a video of modded drivers game-play and see the difference with your own eyes.

Here is the link for the modded Intel HD Graphics 4000:

But if you are afraid to install because of viruses or other issues, I would suggest not using the modded drivers. But if you are desperate especially like me, go for it because gaming is in our blood after all.

Try Mods for Games to disable shadows and increase FPS.

Shadows make things look more beautiful but eat up a lot of memory. Try using a mod for the particular game to disable shadows and you can find surprising benefits. Also, you can find FPS Boost for the game to help you with it.

Also backup your game folder before installing any mods.

Other tweaks to increase performance for Intel HD Graphics 4000


Try using Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Try UBUNTU. You can play windows games on UBUNTU using WINE and other system apps. Also, Ubuntu is more secure.

So that’s it, guys. This was the basic information on how to tweak Intel HD Graphics 4000 for Performance. Do not expect to run GTA V or The Witcher 3 on ultra setting. Try these steps because it worked for many. I will soon make a post about games that I played smoothly on Intel HD Graphics 4000. Check back later. Thank you.

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