Tesla rolls out software update v 9.0 to all Model S, Model X, and Model 3

Tesla rolls out software update v 9.0 to all Model S, Model X, and Model 3

Software Version 9.0, introduces a refined and simplified user interface, along with entirely new features for Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as well as on Tesla’s mobile app.

To receive Version 9.0 as quickly as possible, connect your car to WiFi. Once you have downloaded the update, you will be able to trigger software updates remotely via the app. You can send navigations to the car’s software and also let passengers control the media using their phones.

New features accessible from mobile:

Tesla software update v 9.0

You can start a vehichle software update remotely without having to be in the car.

With the “Share” button in any map app, you can send a destination from your mobile to your’s Car navigation.

By Allowing mobile control in media settings of car’s center screen, Passengers can now access  Media Conrols from their devices.

Dash Camera:

Tesla software update v 9.0

Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles built with Hardware 2.5 (introduced in August 2017) now allow you to record and store video captured from the forward-facing camera when your car is in use. You will need to configure file formatting and allow for a minimum of 1.8 GB of free space on a flash drive. The drive should be inserted into a front row USB port.

By tapping the Dashboard icon, you can save a 10-minute video clip or pause the recording you can press and hold the icon.

New Apps or App Launcher:

Tesla software update v 9.0

In Model S, Model X and Model 3, the new App Launcher lets you access your Calendar, Energy, Web Browser, Rear-View Camera, Phone and Charging Apps in one place. By swiping upwards you can access the last used app and by swiping Downwards you can dismiss the recent app.

The Model 3 with three new apps brings web-browsing capabilities, calendar integration with your mobile device and the ability to monitor energy consumption in real time or view the projected energy use for an upcoming trip.

Climate Controls:

Tesla software update v 9.0

New cold weather features in Model S and Model X lets you access rear seat heaters, steering wheel heater and wiper heater all in one place. You can also press and hold to turn climate on or off without needing to open the full climate menu.

In Model 3, you can adjust the temperature with one touch by simply swiping across temperature control setting to the left or right. With a new 3D visualization of the dashboard, you can know how air is flowing into the cabins and allows you precisely direct the channels off the air.


Tesla software update v 9.0

The update will expand the existing suite of autopilot features with over-the-air updates and all new functionality in the coming months.

Most advanced Autopilot feature ever, the car’s autopilot feature with driver’s supervision guides the car from highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting lane changes navigating highway interchanges and taking exits.

Once a destination is set, the driver can enable “Navigate on autopilot” for that trip and the feature is then activated when Auto-steer is engaged via the normal prompt on the cruise control stalk (Model S or Model X) or gear selector stalk (Model 3). When a lane change is suggested the driver must confirm by tapping the turn signals.

Full 360° View:

From Full Self-Driving hardware in every model S, MODEL X and Model 3, all eight external cameras are active. This will enable better situational awareness on the road with 360° visualization of surrounding vehicles.

Blind spot monitoring is updated with side and rear facing cameras. When the turn signal is activated and a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, the lane line shown in the on-screen visualization turns red.

New classes of vehicles are displayed to provide drivers with the more complete understanding of their surroundings by including bikes/ motorcycles, light, and heavy-duty trucks.

The 360° visualization also shows vehicles in adjacent lines.

Obstacle-Aware Acceleration:

If an obstacle is detected in the path of your vehicle while driving at slow speed like while parking, full acceleration is disabled to help prevent drivers from accelerating accidentally.

Funs and games:

Tesla software update v 9.0

While Tesla cars are known to be fun to drive, they’re now even more fun while in ‘Park.’ Classic arcade games from Atari are now discoverable as hidden Easter Eggs. If you can find them, your car becomes a game console with controls on the touchscreen and steering wheel. Happy hunting!

Every single Model S, Model X and Model 3 ever built will receive new features and improvements from Software Version 9.0. This is just the latest reminder that when you own a Tesla, you own a car that will only get better over time.

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