Tokyo Desktop – Customize Windows 7 to Look Better

Tokyo Desktop – Customize Windows 7 to Look Better

Tokyo Desktop for Windows 7-

Windows 7 has been available since 2009 and with the same desktop, it feels quite boring to use. Sometimes you might think of getting another OS, probably win 10 but Win 10 comes with a lot of bugs and is quite heavy on your system RAM.  OR, You are probably using an old laptop and want to customize it to look nice. Don’t worry i have the latest tricks to make your Windows 7 desktop look nicer by featuring Tokyo – Japan’s busy capital in our Tokyo Desktop.

Step 1: Installing Latest Rainmeter for your Tokyo Desktop-

Before proceeding Right click on your desktop and click on view and untick “Show Desktop Icons

At first, you need to install Rainmeter.

Tokyo Desktop

Rainmeter is a free and open-source desktop customization utility for Windows, released under the GNU GPL v2 licence. It allows users to create and display user-generated customizable desktop widgets or applets called “skins” that display information.

Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers.
You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Download Latest Rainmeter from here

Important: If you get a warning that you require platform update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Go to this site and download the update. Install it and then after restarting you can install Rainmeter.

Step 2: Unload all the default skins after installing-

After installing Rainmeter you will see some default skins.

Tokyo Desktop

You don’t need those so right-click on them and click on “Unload Skin“.

Step 3: Get the Tokyo Desktop wallpaper-

Tokyo Desktop

Click on this link to download: Tokyo Wallpaper

Right Click on it and select “save as” and save the picture.

Now set it as Desktop Background. It’s beautiful, isn’t it ? 🙂

Step 4: Setting Up Music Visualiser-

Get the Music Visualiser from here: Fountain of colors

Tokyo Desktop

Install the Fountain of Colors and you will find these bars just as shown above in the picture. If you can’t find them, Play any song on your desktop and they will appear.

Now Drag them little below, near the trees .

We need to change its colour to white. So right click on the bars of the visualizer and click on “options“.

Tokyo Desktop

This Options menu will pop up. Now click on the coloured blue box.

Another menu will pop up. Choose the white color and close the menu.

Now click the Rainmeter icon in your System Tray. Click Fountain of Colors, and go to Fountain of Colors.ini.

Next, click on transparency and set it to 40%.

If you are having problems with Fountain of colors, for example, music visualizer bars get stuck suddenly. You can install another visualizer. Remember to unload the visualizer before you install another visualizer.

Step 4: Install Lano Visualiser-(Alternate Method)

Download the visualiser from here: Lano Visualizer

Download the .rmskin and simply install it.

Set transperency as 40% and the position as Bottom.

Drag the visualizers near the trees.

Tokyo Desktop

Step 5: Download a 3D layer-

Click here and download: Layer1

Now extract the folder into Documents > Rainmeter > Skins

Now Open the folder and right click on layer1 to edit. Set W and H as your Desktop screen resolution.

Tokyo Desktop

Now open Rainmeter and Refresh All. Then click on layer 1 and load layer1.ini.

Step 6: Download the clock skin-

Click here and download: LIM!T [1.2]

Click on it and install.

Step 7: Set up the clock-

Open Rainmeter.

Go to Lim!t > time > clock > fill-clock.ini and load it.

Tokyo Desktop

Next go to Documents > Rainmeter > Skins > Lim!t > @Resources > Limvar.ini and click on edit.

Find the line where secondary color and color 2 is mentioned.

Change the color 2 to : color2=225,84,97

Click on save. Then go to Rainmeter and Refresh all.

And that was all about installing all the skins.

You can now Drag the Clock to a suitable position. Now open Rainmeter and then go to settings tab and Disable Dragging. Also, click on every active skin in rainmeter option and enable click through.

Taddaaa ! Your newly customised desktop is ready. Play a music and check out your Tokyo Desktop.

You can now add Docks or other custom features by your own but they will eat up more RAM. Also you can customise the visualizer by right clicking and opening settings.

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Tokyo Desktop

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