Trump’s new “Beast” is designed after the Cadillac CT6

Trump’s new “Beast” is designed after the Cadillac CT6

General Motors has just built the Presidential Limousine called as the “BEAST“. It is designed after the Cadillac CT6 Sedan although reports say the front end, especially the headlights, looks like the Escalade.
The Exterior of Cadillac CT6
The Front of the Escalade






Cadillac has been in charge many times for providing the president with Limousine, and this time its President Donald Trump’s chance to ride the latest Beast. This Cadillac and a spare – that travels in the president’s motorcade for an extra security, was seen on the streets of NewYork to attend the United States General Assembly.

General Motors has already made Cadillac for previous President. President Obama had one designed after the Cadillac DTS. But this Cadillac is no match for any of its predecessor. This expensive, exclusive, impenetrable car for President Donald Trump, packs a lot of mods.
Here is the picture of the Beast from the Twitter account of U.S. Secret Service.



The Beast’s exact specifications are unknown but reports says:

It is loaded with weapons like shotguns and Tear Gas cannon. The Doors and windows are bulletproof and can withstand armor-piercing bullets with plated armors 8 inches thick and windows 5 inches thick. The vehicle can withstand chemical and biological attacks with an independent supply of oxygen. The underside is able to withstand any underground or roadside bomb. Only the driver’s side window can be opened. The car stocks bottles of presidents blood type. The tires are nearly bus-sized which helps in a smooth ride. It can hold up to 10 people.

Also, further reports say that the Beast will not be available to the public, so you can not buy your own Beast.

General Motors own the contracts of worth nearly $16 million ($15.8 million) to develop two phases of the next-gen parade for the President.


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